Profile Page Changes – Commons Release 1.4

Commons Release 1.4 is here, and with it comes some neat improvements to handle the way your profile is presented. First, let’s take a step back and understand the various parts of the Commons profile page, which contains your avatar, your name, your handle, your latest status update, and a list of stuff about you – your name, college, role, title, academic interests, social networks, etc. See the image below:

So three changes have been made:

Status update.

Not sure what a status update is? Click on the Activity tab (circled in red, above), and you will see a textbox labeled “What’s New?”

Here you can type in a status update and it will go into the Commons Activity stream and it will be posted on your profile page, right below your name (see first image, above). But what if you are tired of that old status update, and don’t have a new one? You can now delete it if you want. Click on the “Clear” hyperlink, right next to your status update. This will clear the status update from your profile page.

Selecting Colleges

Associated with more than one college? When you edit your profile, you can now check any number of colleges, and they will appear as links next to the “College” section on your profile. (Clicking on a link on your profile page produces a list members who have similar interests or associations as you.)

Making some Profile Fields Private

You now have the option to make certain profile fields visible to: (1) Anyone; (2) Logged-In Users; or (3) My Friends. So for example, if you would like to include your office phone number on your profile page, but you do not want it visible to the general public, you can configure your profile to only display your phone number to your friends, or to logged on members of the Commons.

Hope you enjoy all these new changes, and stay tuned for new changes to the profile page!



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