Introducing Atahualpa

The Atahualpa WordPress theme allows a user to customize pretty much every inch of a blog. The theme comes with a header, a header logo, a header slideshow, two sidebars, and a footer. The following screenshot shows what Atahualpa looks like out of the box:

All of these sections can be fully customized or hidden, depending upon needs. Controls for each section can be found on the WordPress dashboard, in the Appearance tab, under “Atahualpa Theme Options.” The screenshot below shows the extent of control available with this theme:

The Atahualpa theme is one of the most popular themes on the Commons, and one feature which makes is so appealing is the configurability of its header, which is comprised of two components, the header and its logo, on top, and the header image, directly below it.

The Header

With a little tinkering, users can easily add, resize and place their own logo, title, and tag line in the header area. Fonts can be chosen and colors set. The header background can be set to a color, or to a background image with a little knowledge of CSS. The height of this section is totally configurable, and can be set to zero to totally hide this component.

The Header Image

Atahualpa comes with three floral images which change each time the screen is refreshed. Users can customize the slideshow by loading any number of their own images. The header image can be configured so that appears on specific pages and posts, and not on others. If you choose to hide the header, but still need a place for your blog's title and tag line, you can overlay the header image with them.

Changing the Rotating Images

By default, Atahualpa looks in your upload media folders for files using the naming convention "atahualpa_header_x" where "x" is an integer. So, if you upload images "atahualpa_header_3" and "atahualpa_header_5," the theme will cycle through these two images. If no files in your upload folders meet this naming convention, Atahualpa will use the three default, floral images found in its "/images/header" folder. Commons users don't have access to "/images/header" folder and need to use their upload media folders to change the rotating images.

Changing the Order of the Rotating Images

There is a dropdown with two selections: "sort" and "shuffle." If you choose "sort" (the default), your images will display in ascending order, according to the integer of your naming convention (i.e. atahualpa_header_1, atahualpa_header_3, atahualpa_header_5, etc.). There may be gaps in your integer selections, but the theme will do a preliminary sort first.

If you choose "shuffle," the theme's header image rotation will be random. This is useful when you have a good number of images and want to feature them all rather than following the same pattern.

Other Sections

A page menu bar and a category menu bar are both available and fully configurable, with drop-downs. The body, or "post-pages info items," offers a dizzying amount of customization. The Widgets option allows you to control how your widgets appear in your sidebars. There are many sections available, and you may choose just use the default settings. But it's great to know that customization is available if you need it.

Documentation and Useful Links

The dashboard controls for Atahualpa contain thorough documentation for each section.  Additional help may be found at the following links:


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