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twitter news dropdownThe Commons provides a great way to use Twitter to track what’s going on at CUNY.  Go to our new Twitter News page or find it easily by clicking on “News” Tab on the Commons Home page and then the “Twitter” drop down option (circled in red, above).
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If you need a quick refresher about how Twitter works, click on the “Find Out” option under the “What is Twitter?” tab.

The “CUNY on Twitter” tab is the place to go to find CUNY tweets.  Our new Commons page aggregates Twitter feeds from the following sources:

  • Tweets from Commons Members – The Commons maintains a list of its members’  Twitter accounts.  Tweets from these accounts are aggregated here.  To get your account on this list, send us an email at
  • Tweets from around CUNY – whenever anyone uses hash tags like #CUNY, #CUNYCOMMONS, #CUNYEVENTS,  these tweets will be aggregated here.
  • @cunycommons tweets – these tweets come from the Commons own account – @cunycommons.  They generally advertise new content posted on the Commons.
  • #cuny – Tweets that include hash tags #cuny are aggregated here.
  • #cunyevents – Tweets that include hash tag #cunyevents are aggregated here.

Our Tweets are refreshed every five or ten minutes.  Refresh your browser to find the latest news.  The number on the right on the tweet tells you how many minutes ago the tweet was posted.  To see more tweets, click on “Load More.”

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The Twitter Resources tab provides more detailed information about how to use Twitter in academic environments.  It also includes links to the Twitter Glossary.

The software which makes all this possible was developed by the CUNY Academic Commons.  In keeping with our philosophy of sharing software, anyone can download the source code and modify it according to their particular needs.  The final tab in the sidebar menu “Download Source Code” takes you to the source code found on GitHub.

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