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Our main navigation tabs are picture below.

My Commons

The My Commons tab is where you land when you first login to the Commons.  It provides an easy way to stay current with the network of friends, groups, and sites you develop on the Commons.  It constantly aggregates information that is relevant to you – what your friends are doing, what’s going on in the groups you belong to, and what content and discussion is happening on the sites you follow.


If you are not logged into the Commons, the Home page will be the first open tab you’ll see. This “splash” page provides a site slider as well as a quick look at what’s going on: you can see which members are recently active, you can see a selection of Sites and Groups, and you can see some of the most recently published posts.

Remember that you can click on “Newest”, “Active” and “Popular” hyperlinks to resort the columns, and the “More” hyperlink to get additional information.

And of course each person, blog, group and post is clickable. You’ll probably see your name first in the list of those logged on – click on your hyperlink and view and if you want, change your Commons Profile.


On this tab you can search for people you know, or people with common interests. The Commons has almost 8,000 members, and continues to grow. You may request to become friends on Commons here by simply clicking the “Add Friend” button. Your new friend will be notified and will need to confirm to finalize the friendship.


By clicking the Groups tab, you can see all the groups which have been formed on the Commons. You may do a keyword search to find specific groups. A sub-tab splits groups into “All Groups” and “My Groups” (i.e. groups to which you are a member). On this screen you may join and leave groups, and Create your own group. For more information on groups, see Groups on the Commons.


The Blogs tab gives you access to view all the blogs that have been created on the Commons (depending upon their privacy settings). A keyword search is available here again, and you may view blogs by clicking them, or their most recent posts. You may use this screen to create a new blog. For more information, see Blogs on the Commons.


This tab serves as the hub for Social Paper.  Here you can discover colleagues’ works-in-progress and provide feedback.  Social Paper’s granular permission settings let members of the Commons determine who they want to expose their work to.  Paragraph by paragraph commenting makes Social Paper an ideal tool for modern academic writing.


The Commons Events Calendar is a site-wide plugin that supports individual, group, and global calendars. Designed to publicize events to the friends you’ve developed on the Commons and to the groups you belong to (and which you choose to notify).  This tab will display all events which are public, and all which pertain to groups that you belong to or friends you have made.


Want to know what going on right now at the Commons? Click on the “News” tab to access recent activity. You can use the filters to narrow down results. You can save items which you want to review at a later date by clicking on the “Favorites” button (These can be retrieved on your “My Activity>>Favorites” page.)  Be sure to check out the Twitter sub tab.  It’s a great way to use Twitter to track what’s going on at CUNY.  To find tweets from the @cunycommons/cunycommons list go to our Twitter News page.


About provides information about the Commons. This includes our Mission Statement, Site Administration, Project Staff, and Contact Information.

Getting Help

On the top-right corner of every page of the Commons, you will see a “Help” button.  Clicking it will display two ways to get help with the Commons.  You can visit our Help page where you will find our help documentation. These include Help & Support, FAQ, the Commons Codex, Take the Tour, 10 Things To Do (when you join the Commons), Bug Tracking and Outreach.

You can also send us a message and we’ll work with you to figure out your issue.

My Navigation

At the very top-right corner of every Commons page is a tiny version of your avatar.  Hover over to display personal links:

  • My Activity
  • My Profile
  • My Sites
  • My Groups
  • My Notifications
  • My Events
  • My Settings
  • My Messages
  • My Papers
  • My Friends
  • Send Invites

Options swing out to further options. These are easy, time-saving shortcuts.

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