Tabs and Accordions

Tabs and accordions let you gracefully include a lot of information in a single WordPress page or post.  TheThe Tabs and Accordion plugin (no, the name is not a typo) is now available on the Commons and very easy to use.  Simply activate the plugin and follow the patterns described below:


Most people are familiar with tabs, and how they let you organize a lot of data on a single page or post.  Here are snapshots of the the shortcodes you need to use:
and the results:

Tabs Group Title

First tab content

Second tab content


Accordions can be positioned either vertically or horizonally. They allow you to collapse parts of your content by clicking on a title bar.  Like tabs, accordions segment and compartmentalize content on a single page or post.

Here is the shortcode for a horizontal accordion:

And the results:

[haccordions title=”Horizontal Accordion Title” width=500 height=320 hwidth=28 speed=200 active=2]
[haccordion title=”First title”]First accordion content[/haccordion]
[haccordion title=”Second title”]Second accordion content[/haccordion]

Here is the shortcode for the vertical accordion:

And the results:

[accordions title=”Vertical Accordion Title” active=1 event=”click” disabled=false autoheight=true]
[accordion title=”Accordion 1 Title”]First accordion section content[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Accordion 2 Title”]Second accordion section content[/accordion]


There several parameters that can be set for Tabs and Accordions, and the plugin author describes them here.

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