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Create Newsletters from Your WP Site with MailPoet


You can create fully configurable newsletters from your Commons WordPress site with the “MailPoet Newsletters” plugin.

MailPoet lets you use WordPress to build rich newsletters, either ad hoc using the familiar WP interface,  or by interacting with existing posts on your site.  You can manually drag and drop posts into a newsletter or schedule weekly or monthly newsletters that automatically pick up your latest content based on category.  Newsletters can include images, links, and social icons, and be designed from a number of templates.

Newsletters are sent directly from your site to lists of subscribers who you build via the plugin interface.  Lists can be derived from those who subscribe to your blog, or manually, or even by importing from a CSV file comprised of “email”,”lastname”, and “firstname” columns.

This is a great way to garner interest in your site and keep subscribers aware of what’s going on.

Getting Started
Once you activate the plugin on your dashboard, go to “Newsletters.”  You will see a basic newsletter template with four sections – you can use or delete any of these sections, or you can elect to use a totally different mailpoet themestemplate or “theme.”  (You can easily upload a number of free “themes” by clicking on “Add more themes” button.)  Drag them over to the canvas and start configuring your newsletter.  To add content from your posts, go to the Content tab and drag the type of content you want over to the canvas.  For example, if you want to add an excerpt from one of your posts, drag the “WordPress post” block over to a text area and drop it.  You will then be presented a list of all posts that you can select from.  Select one and if it has an image, re-size it appropriately by clicking on the lower right corner and expanding or contracting its size.  Other content options include “Title & Text,” “Dividers,” and “Social Icons.”

Once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to design a neat looking newsletter.

There are many “Settings” options that help you further configure your newsletter and email clients, and even a widget that lets viewers auto-subscribe.

Take a look and if you have questions, let us know at WordPress Help!  Enjoy!




Constant Contact for WordPress

constant contactThe Constant Contact for WordPress plugin is an app that integrates with your Constant Contact account. Constant Contact is a proprietary service which provides email marketing, online event management, social campaign management, online polls and survey functionality.You can get a free 60-day trial account.  You’ll need an active account to get this plugin going on your site.  Here is a synopsis of the plugin’s features, taken from its WP Repository site:

  • Add signup checkbox and list selection to your register page and update profile page
  • Add / edit contact lists without visiting www.constantcontact.com
  • Includes a powerful form designer
  • Built-in Google Analytics visualization
  • View your events registration details and get updated with a dashboard widget
  • Show contact list selection on register page with ability to exclude certain lists
  • Automatically subscribe your user to one or more contact lists on the register page
  • Customize the register page signup box (and list selection) title and description
  • Add / edit users from your Constant Contact account
  • Add a signup widget to your sidebar or anywhere in your template

This plugin may be useful to plan and manage your campus events, conferences, and speaker series.  Also you might want to check out the non-proprietary Events Manager plugin and compare functionality.


Event Marketing

The plugin features Constant Contact Event Marketing functionality by allowing you to track events, registration, and registrants using the plugin. Simply navigate to Constant Contact > Events. Manage your events from inside WordPress!

Built-in Form Designer

The Form Designer is a form generation and design tool. The Form Designer allows users to generate unlimited number of unique forms and gives a wide variety of options that can be configured, including what fields to show in the signup form. There and tons of design options, including custom background images, border width, colors, fonts and much more.

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