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Commentpress lets readers comment on each paragraph of a document, and respond in-line to other comments. Developed by the Institute for the Future of the Book, it is a terrific way for writers to solicit and track critiques of their work, from either a controlled or open group of readers:

Annotate, gloss, workshop, debate: with Commentpress you can do all of these things on a finer-grained level, turning a document into a conversation. It can be applied to a fixed document (paper/essay/book etc.) or to a running blog.

Commentpress’ documentation (written using Commentpress) shows how documents can be structured (title page, table of contents, pages, posts, numbering, etc.) and is a great resource once you’ve got the tool up and running.

Getting Started with CommentPress

To get started on the Commons, first activate both the Commentpress theme and its plugin. Then on your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings>>Commentpress to configure the plugin. Be sure to check the box to “Create All Special Pages.” All the other default settings are fine to begin with. You can always come back to the setting page to fine tune your site. By default, CommentPress uses pages as chapters and for its Table of Contents.

Readers may comment on an entire page or post, or on a specific paragraph within the page or post. There is no approval process for comments, but members must supply their name and email address (and optionally, their website’s url) to comment. To avoid spam, make sure to install and configure Akismet or some other spam filter. To control the pool of responders, you might want to set up your site as private, and invite the readers you want to join.

Here is a screenshot from Shakespeare Quarterly, to give you an idea what Commentpress looks like in action:

WP Comment Remix

Bloggers love getting comments, but long trails of comments can get unwieldy. The Commons recently installed WP Comment Remix, a plugin which provides better management for comments, both on posts and pages. Here’s a quick synopsis of what it can do:

  • tracks comments which are in need of reply
  • lets users comment on other people’s comments
  • allows comment tagging
  • filter comments by a specific tag
  • automatically quote a comment within your own comment
  • automatically add a link to another comment within your comment
  • order your comments by author or date (ascending or descending)

The plugin has a terrific documentation, including a 15 minute screen cast that lays out what’s possible. The plugin also following four widgets come with this plugin and may be placed in your sidebar:

  • Recent Comments (Remix)
  • Most Active Commenters (Remix)
  • Most Active Discussions (Remix)
  • Recent Trackbacks (Remix).

If you are looking for an easy and configurable way to manage your comments, check out WP Comment Remix!

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