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Expanding Group Functionality

Linking social media profiles to groups

Social and you know it? If you’re an admin, you can link your group to your non-Commons social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Flickr, YouTube and Delicious! You’ll find these option in your group Manage tabs under Social Media Accounts:


Cross-posting of forum topics

Have big news you just have to share with everyone? Your forum topics can be visible (or not!) to any or all groups you belong to. All groups that you’re a member of will appear listed beneath your new post. Check one or more of these group checkboxes to crosspost your new forum topic to these groups. Your group members will receive a single notification of each newly-created forum topic.



“My Groups” and “My Sites” Admin Bar Menus

Are you a member of more groups that you can count? Even with your socks off? You can  scroll though the My Groups and My Sites admin bar beneath your avatar in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. For even simpler access to the Sites you love enough to Follow, just click the stable Followed Sites link at the top. The Create a Site link remains sup there as well, because we know many of you have new sites you’re just around the corner from adding! My Groups also shows any Pending Invites awaiting you, so that you can add newbies at will


Group forum search

Are you a member of a group that has plenty of forum activity? Excavating through all the threads can be tiresome, so use the Search Boxes instead. On the right-hand side of the page, just above the topic list, you find a writable field for your searching pleasure.




“Sociable” and “Share This” WordPress Plugins

Social Media icons make it easy for readers to share the content they find on your blog.  One click and your readers can share your posts and pages to a wider audience.  (Users will be asked to sign into their social media accounts, if not already signed in.)

The Commons has two WordPress plugins that manage social media icons on your posts, Sociable and Share This.  Sociable has a full-featured options panel that allows full icon configuration, including sizes, styles, and placement.   Here is a video introduction to Sociable.

Not to be outdone, Share This has some very detailed instructions that can be found here.  One nice feature of Share This is that it allows for “Multi-Post” sharing within your blog, so that users remain on your site while they share to multiple sites:

So which to choose?  Check them both out and see which one you prefer.

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