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Bloggers love getting comments, but long trails of comments can get unwieldy. The Commons recently installed WP Comment Remix, a plugin which provides better management for comments, both on posts and pages. Here’s a quick synopsis of what it can do:

  • tracks comments which are in need of reply
  • lets users comment on other people’s comments
  • allows comment tagging
  • filter comments by a specific tag
  • automatically quote a comment within your own comment
  • automatically add a link to another comment within your comment
  • order your comments by author or date (ascending or descending)

The plugin has a terrific documentation, including a 15 minute screen cast that lays out what’s possible. The plugin also following four widgets come with this plugin and may be placed in your sidebar:

  • Recent Comments (Remix)
  • Most Active Commenters (Remix)
  • Most Active Discussions (Remix)
  • Recent Trackbacks (Remix).

If you are looking for an easy and configurable way to manage your comments, check out WP Comment Remix!

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